I’ve finally restocked most of my rope. Check out the shop if you’ve been waiting. There’s never been a better time to learn rope play. Happy tying! RopeSensei

New stock!

So since some of you were waiting, I’ve replenished a lot of my stock of solid coloured jute. I also have limited stock of a new bamboo rope in Pastel Rainbow. Hit “Buy Rope” above to check it out.

More stock coming!

You may have noticed my rope stocks are getting low. Sorry about the delay. I should have more by early December, including a new bamboo rope in pastel rainbow. I have a whole list of new tutorials to add, too. Will do that as soon as I can.

Rainbow & Blueberry jute rope in stock NOW

It’s heeere! I’m super excited to announce that I finally have rainbow jute available. Buy some here. The Blueberry jute is pretty cool, too! And I’ve restocked some of the other colours. But that Rainbow jute… Wow!
Performance: Lahtnor & Gishi – Viking

Performance: Lahtnor & Gishi – Viking

Just stumbled across the most impressive rope performance I’ve seen so far. Lahtnor & Gishi performed this at Moscow Knot in 2017 and it makes me want more. It’s creative as hell and just stunning in every way. I’ve never seen anything like it....