About RopeSensei.com



If you’re interested in rope play, whether for bondage or purely decorative purposes, the web is full of resources for all levels of experience. The toughest thing is keeping track of where the good tutorials are and finding the best way to work through them. RopeSensei offers a one-stop shop to get inspired and learn what you need to know.


The tutorials have been handpicked as the best available for free online. Use the filters at the top to help find what you’re looking for based on your experience level and the type of tie you’d like to do.


Warning: Rope play can be very dangerous. Please start with the safety tutorials and fundamentals. After a certain point (probably anything beyond decorative rope), you really shouldn’t be tying based off online tutorials and should definitely seek the tuition of an experienced professional. RopeSensei is nothing more than a curated guide to the tutorials available online. We are not experts and take no responsibility for any negative consequences to following the tutorials that are freely available online.



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